The 3 Core Concepts of Nordic Living

Photo by Ditte Fischer Copenhagen

Photo by Ditte Fischer Copenhagen

Inspired by Nature

Scandinavians always look to nature for inspiration, and natural materials like wood, wool, and leather are the materials of choice. Colours are kept natural or in neutral tones.

Floors are of light wood and often varnished with matte varnish for a natural look. Walls are predominantly white, and added decor are kept in the colour palettes of cool grays and black, muted blues, or soft pastels. An occasional pop of colour is used to create visual focal points making the design more interesting and personal.

Decorating with Light

Winters in Scandinavia are long and dark, so it is no wonder lighting is a big part of the Nordic interior style. Overhead lights to light up a whole room are rarely used. Instead you will find a pendant over a dining table, a floor lamp in a corner, next to a sofa or chair, a table lamp on a desk, creating islands of light where it is needed and at the same time creating a pleasant mood in the room.

Candles are another very Nordic way to create a pleasant and inviting mood. From the classic taper candle to tea lights and block candles, candles are used throughout the year to create hygge (a cozy atmosphere) around the house.

Less is More

Danes have a long history of valuing craftsmanship, a tradition of seeing beauty in minimalism, and a strong belief that great design can improve our quality of life.

Recreating the style at home is not that difficult. it is all about keeping it light and simple. It is about investing in a few timeless, quality pieces and then adding accessories that are rich in textures and stories. Less is always more.