SNOWFLAKES, Set of 5, Glass w/Coloured String

SNOWFLAKES, Set of 5, Glass w/Coloured String


Designed and handmade in Copenhagen by Marion Fortat.

Marion's SNOWFLAKES are inspired by the traditional Scandinavian waffle making. Glass is pressed in a waffle iron creating a unique surface that beautifully reflects light. Coloured string is then tied artfully around the ornament, providing a stylish way to hang the SNOWFLAKES from branches in a vase or on your Christmas tree. 

Choose from two colour combinations:

1. Orange, Pine green, Yellow, Red, Purple or

2. Dark Blue, Light Green, Silver, Wine Red, Gold.


Size: Ornament Ø 5 cm (1.97"); string 10 cm (3.34")

Material: Glass with string

Colour Combination:
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