DOT, Mini Bowl, Blue

DOT, Mini Bowl, Blue


Designed and handmade in Copenhagen by Lars Rank Keramik. 

The mini bowl is part of the DOTS tableware collection where all pieces are multi-functional. The design is minimalist but fun and pays tribute to the cylindrical form. DOTS are available in blue, grey, and white with dots in different sizes and colours at the bottom of each piece. All pieces are hand decorated with a unique colour combination and form, but can easily be combined with other pieces due to the harmony of the various decorative colours. This way you can create a truly unique tableware set as you choose the way you combine the pieces.

The product images are only examples of colour combinations and dot designs. each product is unique, so the ones we have in stock can be different from what you see here.  

Dishwasher safe.

Size: H 3,5cm (1.37") Ø 7,5cm (2.95")

Material: Cast porcelain

Dot Colour:
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