VIDEO - Ditte Fischer Copenhagen

I see with my hands. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange, but I am sure I am not the only one. When I want to truly experience something, I have to hold it, I have to touch it. 

My first experience with the ceramics of Ditte Fischer was in her small shop in Læderstræde in Copenhagen. In between all of the classic minimalist designs in the shop, it was the curved shape of her boat bowls that caught my eye. I reached out, I gently lifted one up, and it was love at first sight - or should I say touch? Ceramics are usually glazed and smooth to the touch, or if unglazed you feel the rough raw texture of the clay. These ceramics were different. They were silky soft, and just felt so nice to hold. At that moment I knew that I had found something truly special. 

Ditte's range of ceramics are classic shapes and minimalist colours that work well no matter what design style you embrace. In this short video by Nana Reimers you get a peek behind the scene of Ditte's work on a design project for the Danish Art Foundation.