About Our Products

Almost all of the objects in the boutique are handcrafted with passion and care in Denmark. Those that are not are handcrafted in Europe guaranteeing that all you find here is both made of the highest quality raw materials and adhere to the most stringent environmental and ethical manufacturing regulations.

Handcrafted objects, unlike machine produced items, are unique and no two items will ever be completely identical:


All our ceramics are handmade and small variations in size, texture and surface feel are a result of work being done by hand rather than machine. 

All items are individually decorated by hand, and some items may vary slightly. Any irregularities are to be considered part of the design and distinguishes the collection as handmade rather than factory.

All our ceramic products are dishwasher safe.



All our glass items are mouth-blown. Tiny variations and imperfections are traditional marks of handmade glass - you will only find perfection in machine produced glass items. Tiny bubbles, also called seeds, are pinpoint sized bubbles formed by gases when the raw ingredients for glass are melted and they do not affect the quality of the glass. Stretch marks, referred to as cords in the industry, are lines that are only visible when light hits the glass in certain directions. These lines are a difference in density that occurs during the melting process.



All Place de Bleu items are crafted with surplus fabrics from Europe's leading design textile manufacturer Kvadrat. This means that every collection is limited and some items may occasionally vary slightly in colour or texture. Any irregularities are to be considered part of the design and distinguishes the collection as handmade rather than factory produced. All fabrics are made from either wool or cotton blends, and dry cleaning is recommended. 

Linen items are crafted from 100% pure linen. Linen is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. It may initially feel stiff, but softens the more it is used and washed. Our linen tea towels are machine washable at 60° C. Do not tumble dry. Stretch and lay flat to dry.


All BIRDs are made from natural oak wood. Since no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, each BIRD will be unique, with minor colour and grain pattern variations.